Why Us

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Why Us

With 22 years of industry experience we have become the world leader in climbing wall design and construction! Our company has completed projects in the United States, Canada, Ethiopia, Australia, Germany, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Sweden and more. We provide the total solution—design, in-house fabrication, project management, installation, training, and more—so there is no need to go anywhere else!  Through our engineering excellence and passion for quality, innovation and safety, we produce designs that are visually stunning, incredibly safe, and able to withstand years of heavy use. Climbing Solutions offers a wide range of climbing systems and we continue developing, engineering, and testing to provide the best quality walls and components! Not only that, we have experience building and installing related industry products to support your business needs or future expansion, such as ninja warrior courses, trampoline parks, zip lines, and much more. Because we are a US based company we understand the ever changing requirements that may impact your business through state regulation. Though states often vary on regulations, we are prepared with the ability to offer certified engineering plans and stamps for every state in the US. Our systems combine character with strong visual appeal and unparalleled safety, in order to provide you with exceptional pieces for your business.

Design Phase

We begin by discussing your goals, budget, and vision. Centrally, who is the audience? Given these baseline inputs, we evaluate your site, assessing the physical layout and conditions to see if they match your vision. From there, we develop a layout and design for the overall project, communicating along the way via 3D digital designs. Once you have reviewed and accepted the proposal, the project officially begins.

Bold Texture / Seamless Design

We are always striving to find the highest quality materials offering maximum safety and minimum maintenance. Whether indoors or out, rest assured that your adventure assets will withstand thousands of users pounding and playing for years. Our Sport Climb surface offers a combination two-part epoxide varnish and granulated glass providing a dirt resistance surface especially from climbing shoe rubber. Take, for example, our natural rock surface. The material is comprised of an outer composite polymer resin that is bonded to an internal fiberglass lining. This provides a lightweight yet incredibly strong product all while proving itself to work extremely well under freeze-thaw cycles.  Since we infuse organic pigments throughout the composite, the surface never needs to be touched up or repainted if chipped or scratched. Another example is the acrylic we use on our Face Off Wall – some of our competitors offer a spray painted frame with 3/4″ acrylic wall surface.  We powder coat all of our frames and we use 1″ acrylic which had less flex when you are climbing.  This makes the surface more ridge and feels better for beginner climbers.


We are constantly innovating, exploring new materials and experiences. We stay abreast of innovations in play, applying insights from dozens of sports into the realm of our walls.



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