Home Climb


Line the walls of your home gym and your child’s room, or build an outdoor climb that will be the envy of your neighborhood!

Our standard panels are 4′ x 4′ and include 5 climbing holds.  The surface is lamented, not painted, which creates a professional look and uniform color.  Panels can be custom cut to fit various wall sizes and we can even cut out for vents, power outlets and light switches.

Looking to bring the outdoors inside?  Try our natural rock panels.  Available in 4ft x 8ft sections, modular panels may also be surfaced with natural rock. These panel are come either flat, or with 2ft bulges in each panel’s topography. Built to last, all natural rock modular panels may be used indoors or out. Contrary to truly flat walls, climbers may grasp and perch upon every nook and bump. Natural rock adds character to any space, allowing participants to experience the thrill of climbing in nature, but with the safety of an engineered space. Whether a wall comprises two or twenty, natural rock modular panels bring beauty and build brawn.













Ledger Board

We offer an optional ledger board which allows for easier installation on wood or steel stud walls.  The ledger board mounts horizontally to the wall and is computer cut to allow for exact panel bolting.  The end result is an installation that looks like it was done by a professional.

Design Options Available

Choose from a variety of design options.