Theme Climb

Theme Climb is a revolution in climbing. Aimed at kids ages 3 and up, Theme Climb takes climbing walls and gives them creative twists and turns. With Theme Climb, children can scale giant spinning flowers, climb up colorful schools of fish, or claw their way up fossilized dinosaur remains. The possibilities are endless!

Creative and fanciful, yet safe and built to last, our walls provide young climbers with stimulating ways to exercise and have fun. We can literally design almost any climbing wall you can think of—giant rockets, climbing vines, solar systems, puzzle pieces, and more. And if you think climbing walls are just about stationary hand and footholds, think again. Theme Climb walls incorporate spinning wheels, running water, movable walls, and even speed timers so kids can race their friends. Adventure Solutions has designed over 40 individually themed climbs to date and each is more exciting than the next.