Play Climb

PlayClimb offers unique climbing challenges for all ages!


PlayClimb is designed to provide both kids and adults a unique, one of kind experience. The latest trend in climbing, Play Climb offers individuals a wide range of ascents distinct from (and more approachable than) those of traditional rock climbing gyms. Whether you are looking to provide an additional activity to your facility or build an entire indoor adventure park, Play Climb can help you get there. PlayClimb is a revolution in climbing. Aimed at kids ages 3 and up, PlayClimb takes climbing walls and gives them creative twists and turns. With PlayClimb, children and adults can scale giant spinning disc, climb up colorful walls, or claw their way up the side of a rock. The possibilities are endless with PlayClimb!

Adventure Solutions team of designers and structural engineers manufacture the most thrilling and cutting edge climbing walls in the industry. Since we design and manufacture PlayClimb walls at our in-house facilities, it gives us the flexibility to meet all of your custom needs. When your climbing walls are complete, we ship and install them at your site, then train your staff to ensure 100% safety for everyone who visits your facility. We offer certified structural engineering in all 50 United States and most provinces in Canada, allowing us to offer stamped plans across most of North America! All PlayClimb walls include state-of-the-art automatic belay systems that eliminate the need for a human belayer, allowing entire groups of kids to climb in complete safety. The automatic belay takes in the climber’s support rope as they climb, and lowers them to the ground as gently as a falling leaf. So, instead of acting as spotters and helpers, moms and dads can join in on the fun, or just cheer their kids on.