Valo Climbing Wall

A new and revolutionary way to practice, learn, and have fun!

Valo Climbing Wall

Valo Climbing Wall combines projected graphics and proprietary body tracking to create interactive games and training applications. The games and applications make the training fun, motivate kids to move and give feedback to help you become a better climber. Augmented reality climbing is suitable for any skill level and age. Interactive graphics and games maximize the capacity of any wall. Even small walls can have hundreds of distinct routes and games that create new fun challenges for climbers. The highly visual wall is also entertaining to spectators and can be used for displaying logos and ads. There are five different types of games, continue on to view them.


You guessed it, it’s about balloons. More importantly, it’s about popping, swiping, tapping and squeezing as many balloons as you possibly can before the time runs out! The game might seem simple at first, but keep your eyes open, we have thrown some special balloons – like curling stones and swords – into the mix. They are worth the chase since they will grant you some special balloon-popping powers! Oh and one last tip, pay special attention if your birthday is around the corner…Get to popping with your friends and see who among you receives the highest score!


Gamified endurance trainer and all-round fun bat splatting! Whack-a-Bat provides thrilling experiences for both new and experienced climbers and also entertains the audience. As the game gets faster and more difficult the audience gets engaged and starts yelling instructions. While primarily a one-player game, we’ve seen that kids often love playing it together with friends. Whack-A-Bat is fun for all ages.


Save the world from blazing fireballs! In the newest game for the Augmented Climbing Wall the Earth is bombarded by meteors. Climbers have to save our planet by hitting all of them before they crash into our beloved home.

Augmented Problems

Route creation, sharing and climbing with video feedback! Augmented Problems is our version of ‘traditional’ indoor climbing. The application allows for an unlimited amount of routes on the same wall. Climbers can create their own routes suitable for their skill level and body type/length by using the touch screen. Routes can be saved and shared to other climbers.


An engaging two-player ballgame! Combining the best of pinball, air hockey and climbing, Climball is the coolest (and only) two-player ballgame you can play by climbing. Climball has two basic modes: competitive and collaborative. In competitive mode players score points by getting the ball past their opponent to the opposite wall. In collaborative mode they try to keep the ball in the middle of the wall for as long as possible. Both modes are excellent games at, for example, company events or private parties.


Sparks provides a new form of problem for indoor climbing. Climbers can use any holds they like as long as they don’t touch the electricity. Beware, the electricity can move too! People love watching others play the game.


Shadowlings is Valo Motion’s newest game for Augmented Climbing Wall. These fluffy creatures interact with your shadow. The game is about using your shadow to move the Shadowlings through different levels and finally bringing them home. You can even tickle them, you’ll see, they love it!


Flash is great entertainment for every user group and brings operators not only closer to the Olympics but adds an exciting game for sports and competition oriented audiences. A level-creator will appeal to groups and enhance the social experience, add an element of creativity and enhance repeatability. It is packed with stunning graphics and sounds that mesmerize both players and audiences in a unique setting.

Tic-toc… the clock is ticking. Players can be creative, figure out moves and beat the speed record. Start the level, hit all the touch-points and see – did you beat the time? Play it by yourself or in group. Take turns, fine tune your sequence of moves. Compete with your best styles and strategies. Can you find the ultimate formula on next try and find fame in the online high score?

With Flash players will discover totally new fun ways of moving on the climbing wall. A process of inventing the best climbing moves has just begun! Flash is great entertainment for every user group.
Our first release comes with a package of 20 top quality levels as well as a level creator.


Adventure Solutions offers an optional freestanding shroud frame system to support our climbing wall.  Our wall panels and shroud system are laminated, not painted, providing a better look and more durable surface.

Wall Mount

Augmented Climbing Wall can mount directly to your wall.