Modular Panels

Modular Panels are great for schools and homes!

Modular Panels

Climbing Solutions’ modular climbing panels are a perfect way to add unique, kid-friendly rock climbing walls to a new bedroom, school gymnasium, or any other kid stomping grounds. We’ll work with you to design a custom set of panels that are perfect for the theme you’re seeking. We make it easy to unload and install. Panels can be stacked horizontally or vertically to create any size rock climbing wall. Dollar for dollar, nothing gets your project off the ground quicker or more economically. Climbing Solutions’ commercial climbing panels are designed for a wide range of facilities looking for affordable climbing wall solutions. Our customizable panels are the very highest quality in the industry.


  • 4ft x 4ft or 5ft x 5ft Sections
  • Russian Birch Core
  • Computerized CNC Cutting
  • Recessed Anchors
  • Screw in T-Nuts
  • Zinc Plated Bolts
  • 100% Polymer Holds

Each element is available in a variety of colors. Enjoy customizing your element/gym by viewing our Color Options link at the bottom of this page, under Climbing Solutions. A Business Developer or Designer can assist you in this process as well.

Rock Panels

Available in 4ft x 8ft sections, modular panels may also be surfaced with natural rock. These panel are come either flat, or with 2ft bulges in each panel’s topography. Built to last, all natural rock modular panels may be used indoors or out. Contrary to truly flat walls, climbers may grasp and perch upon every nook and bump. Natural rock adds character to any space, allowing participants to experience the thrill of climbing in nature, but with the safety of an engineered space. Whether a wall comprises two or twenty, natural rock modular panels bring beauty and build brawn.









Ledger Board

We offer an optional ledger board which allows for easier installation on wood or steel stud walls.  The ledger board mounts horizontally to the wall and is computer cut to allow for exact panel bolting.  The end result is an installation that looks like it was done by a professional.

Security Mats

These vinyl traverse mats are designed to secure your wall when not in use and provide a padded surface under the wall when in use.   Designed for a maximum hand height – 10 feet without belay system.

– 1 inch of closed cell foam, 2.5 inches of open cell
– triple stitching in stress points
– heavy zipper closure
– 4? wide Velcro flaps attach each pad to another
– 2 inch heavy duty Velcro Hanging Straps allow pads to hang off a climbing hold or carabiner next to the wall while pads are not in use
– Grommet Flap enables securing to base of wall so pads don’t migrate away
– “No Climbing” on back side of every other pad which notifies customers when pads are not in use
– 20 lbs.


Choose from a variety of design options.