Blox Tower

Blox Tower

Like a colossal stack of Rubik’s cubes, the Blox Tower challenges users to clamber over edges and corners on their way to this jumble’s peak. Without traditional climbing holds, this tower is particularly challenging as climber’s only have the cubes smooth surfaces and narrow edges to grasp onto.

Each element is available in a variety of colors. Enjoy customizing your element/gym by viewing our Color Options link at the bottom of this page, under Climbing Solutions. A Business Developer or Designer can assist you in this process as well.


Material: Wood, paint

Height: 20?, 25?, 30?, 35?

Number of climbers: 4


What makes this tower even more unique is that each individual tile of the Blox Tower is removable and interchangeable. With four different difficulty settings of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert, every participant can have a chance to conquer this climbing giant, no matter their skill level.

The Beginner tile’s edge has a bump, to ensure a tight grasp. The bump flattens out more from Intermediate to Advanced, leaving the Expert tile with nothing but a flat edge. Each side of the tower is set up at a different skill level, which can be changed at anytime.