Made of carpeted foam with optional velcro strips for attachment of ground-based elements, padded flooring has both grip and give.

As a solid, yet pliable base, carpeted foam is a comfortable and durable way to cover any climbing space. With a standard thickness of two inches, this flooring system may be installed in as-is, or with two to four inches of additional foam beneath. Regardless of thickness, these specially engineered foam layers are designed to withstand years of repeated compression. So, unlike those old sneakers you’ve yet to toss, our flooring stays springy underfoot.

The carpet itself is of the highest density, ensuring that it withstands the friction with shoes, repeated velcro detachment, and all-day every-day usage. Furthermore, its slim profile means that neither customers nor equipment will unintentionally be tripped up by the surface fibers. All this with a plush, velvety feel.

Keep your customers safe, comfortable, and continuously climbing!